What Is A Building Management System?

  • Centralized Control and Monitoring of Building System and Services
  • Graphical User Interface which includes Real-time monitoring of Building Operation and Performance
  • Trend Logging and Fault Management for Building System and Equipment
  • Time Scheduling of Building System and Equipment
  • User Event Management (To keep track of user interaction on system)
  • Reporting Tool for building

What Is A Building Energy Management System?

  • Energy Consumption monitoring of building
  • Water Consumption monitoring of building
  • Gas Consumption monitoring of building
  • Energy Reporting Tool for building

Common Parameters To Be Monitored And Controlled By Building Management System

  • Temperature (Zone Comfort)
  • Humidity (Zone Comfort)
  • Pressure (Air Movement)
  • Indoor Air Quality (CO2 and CO)
  • Energy Consumption (kWH and Btu/h)

Advantages Of Having A Building & Energy Management System

  • Better Energy Efficient Building
  • Lower Operation Expenses
  • Lower Utility Expenses
  • Better Occupancy Comfort
  • Better Building Operations – includes zonal control, saving strategies, consumption monitoring and equipment status
  • Better System Access – Web Access enable live site access at any given time at any given place
  • Better Equipment Lifecycle
  • Key Component for GBI (Malaysia), LEED (USA), GreenMark (Singapore) and NABERS (Australia) application