Procurement Code Of Conduct

“We believe that all supplier relationships should be based on principles of good governance such as integrity, accountability, fairness and no tolerance rule towards bribery and corruption”

These principles are given force in a detailed Procurement Code Of Conduct (Code) which is constantly revised to capture changes in law, reputation demands and changes in the business.

Breach of The Code

Suppliers/contractors who have committed a breach of the Code shall be subjected to the following action:

  1. Penalties or any contractual or legal remedies under the law
  2. Immediate termination of the contract
  3. Disclosure of nature of breach to TNEC
  4. Blacklisted by TNEC and shall be precluded from tendering for any work in the supply chain for the specified period. The directors of the Company may also be blacklisted

Requirements From Suppliers

Other than being subjected to carry out works properly and in accordance with the contract, all TNEC suppliers/contractors are obligated to adhere to principles and policies prescribed in the TNEC Procurement Code of Conduct. In fulfilling these responsibilities, suppliers, their employees and representatives must:

  1. Read, understand and internalize the Code
  2. Comply with the Code
  3. Report possible violations of the Code by informing Authorized Representatives of TNEC
  4. Cooperate fully in any investigation or audit by Authorized Representatives of TNEC with regards to compliance to this Code

To ensure compliance with the Code, suppliers must:

  1. Maintain all accurate and complete documentation to support compliance
  2. Provide Authorized Representatives of TNEC with complete and unrestricted access to relevant records, upon TNEC’s request
  3. Allow Authorized Representatives of TNEC to conduct confidential interviews with their management, directors, and employees individually
  4. Allow Authorized Representatives of TNEC to conduct site visits to the suppliers’ locations in any manner
  5. Respond promptly to inquiries from Authorized Representatives of TNEC regarding implementation of the Code