Tender & Quotation

Notice Of Tender/Quotation

Generally, all open tenders with estimated values exceeding RM500,000 will be advertised in selected national newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia, The New Straits Times, and The Star; or on TNEC website. For tender/quotation below RM500,000, the notices will appear on the notice boards of TNEC.

Sale And Submission Of Tender/Quotation

The sale of all tender/quotation documents shall be conducted during TNEC’s office hours throughout the duration of the floatation. The chargeable fee, if any, shall be stated on the tender document or advertisement notice.

Tender/Quotation has to be submitted to the address specified in the tender/quotation notice.

Bid Currencies

Generally, all bids for local tenders shall be in Ringgit Malaysia (RM). Bids for international tender shall be in RM, or in the currency of the country where the finished products or services are imported from, or in any other currency deemed appropriate by TNEC. Tenderers shall state clearly in their tender submission the currencies for their bids.

Tender Security

Tender Security is required for all International Tender and shall be submitted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and in the form of a Cashier’s Order, a Bank Draft or a Bank Guarantee issued by a locally domiciled bank including the offshore bank (Labuan) in Malaysia.

Rejections Of Tenders/Quotations

A tender/quotation shall be rejected at the tender opening stage when:

  1. The tender is submitted after the specified date and time of closing or submitted to a wrong address
  2. The Tender Bond, where applicable, is not attached
  3. The Letter of Tender/ Agreement (for FIDIC contract) is not duly filled in
  4. The tender is not submitted using the original tender documents
  5. Non-compliance to any instruction in Instruction to Tenderer (ITT) or TNEC’s requirements

Withdrawer Of Tender/Quotation

Tenderers who withdraw within the tender validity period after the tenders have been opened may be subjected to penalties as specified in the tender documents such as being blacklisted from participating in TNEC’s future procurement exercises for a period of six (6) months to two (2) years.

Clarification Of Tender/Quotation

Clarification shall be confined only to the technical proposal submitted in the tender bid. Depending on the tender requirements, tenderers may submit a new financial proposal that should only contain the revision(s) based on the requirements in respect to the clarification of the technical proposal. No technical and financial negotiations are allowed during clarification.

Notification of Award

The successful tenderer shall be officially notified of the award through a duly executed Letter of Acceptance, Purchase Order (PO), or a contract, clearly defining the scope, terms, and conditions.

Performance Security

Performance Security shall be in the form of a Cashier’s Order, Bank Draft, or Bank Guarantee issued by a locally domiciled bank including the offshore bank (Labuan) in Malaysia. The value of the Performance Security shall be a follows:

5% of the contract value

Supply of Materials or Services

  1. None required for contracts with a value less than RM100,000
  2. 2.5% of contract value for contracts with a value of between RM100,000 and RM500,000
  3. 5% of the contract value for contracts with a value of more than RM500,000